Hi! Welcome to NLovell Audio - the passion project of one person based in Somerset, England.

In my opinion, the audio game is already prohibitively expensive - I'd rather keep things affordably-priced and high-quality so the everyday audiophile can have a cable they love the look and feel of.

So in 2020, I decided to make a cost-effective solution for those who wanted truly custom cables for their audio setups. I have access to over 200 unique colours of sleeving, which allows for millions of unique cable combinations! And by offering a variety of conductors and core-counts, I can provide cable solutions for all kinds of people across the entire budget spectrum.

All my cables are hand-made in the UK, using high-quality parts sourced from UK and EU-based suppliers wherever possible.

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I'm Alan, and I'm a software engineer and real gearhead for personal audio. I've been tinkering with electrical projects for as long as I can remember, and have over a decade of active soldering experience.

I've always had an interest in audio equipment, but visiting a HeadFi event in 2018 really sparked a passion for me.

Since then, I've accumulated a few high-end and midrange headphones, along with a variety of devices to power them.

Since then, I've gotten stuck in with modding, repairing, and otherwise tinkering with portable audio equipment!

Pronouns: They/Them



I've mentioned before that I have a fair bit of gear, so I'm putting a special section here to pay respect to some of my favourite bits of personal hifi I have in my collection.

Headphone-wise, I'm in love with the Fostex TH900, Hyland Jupiter, and Sennheiser HD660S - though the MrSpeakers Aeon and Audeze LCD-2 also hold special places in my heart.

For powering these on my porch, I tend to reach for the RHA-L1 at the moment, and at my desktop I flit between the Topping A90 and my Icon Audio HP8 valve amplifier.

In terms of gear I don't own, the Meze Empyrean and the Fostex TH900 Sapphire Blue edition are among my favourite headphones ever made.

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