Besides testing every cable for continuity (and ensuring nothing is shorted out) with a multi-meter, I try to test cables with their matching headphones and sources. I've got a lot of gear available with unique connectors on, for exactly this purpose!

When testing that stereo markings are correct, I use a test file to determine left and right channels are correct, before playing back some actual music. 

In my personal collection, I have the following items:


  • 2.5mm Locking: Audio Technica M50X &  Sennheiser HD558

  • 2.5mm Locking: Sennheiser Momentum

  • HiRose 4-pin: MrSpeakers Alpha Dog & MrSpeakers Aeon Flow

  • Mini XLR4: Audeze LCD-2

  • HD-600 Style: Sennheiser HD660S

  • TH-X00 Style: Fostex TH-900 mk2

  • 3.5mm Dual Entry: Hifiman HE-35X

  • 2.5mm Dual Entry: Modified AK K550

  • Beyerdynamic 7-pin: Beyerdynamic DT250

  • Mini XLR3: AKG K702


  • XLR4: Topping D90

  • XLR3 x 2: Topping D90 via adapter

  • Pentaconn (4.4mm): Topping D90

  • 6.35mm (1/4"): Topping D90 & Icon Audio HP8

  • 2.5mm: Sabaj DA3 & Questyle QP2R

  • 3.5mm: LG V20 & Sabaj DA3

And likely a few others I've forgotten. I'll do my best to keep this updated if I get any new connectors for testing!



Musical Test

For science it's important to listen to music - At the time of writing this, I test using Now is the Time - embedded below- because I love it, but any music will work for this. It's a song that gets me moving - and that's great, because it helps me discover if there's any cut-outs when moving about using the cable. 

As per usual, if I find any issues with the cables I will immediately stop to fix the cable, and start the testing process again from the beginning.

Shoutout to Packy Lundholm for making great music. Go check out his Bandcamp!

Note: I'm not affiliated with Packy, I'm just a fan of his work.